Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Healthcare Finance News On Kalorama HAI Market Estimate

Healthcare Finance News has issued an article citing Kalorama's market estimate numbers  on hospital acquired infection testing.  Indeed, diagnostics is a big growth opportunity in this area as hospitals are under pressure to determine which patients have an HAI and isolate and or treat them.  

Five percent of admissions is a considerable incidence number, and we believe diagnostic companies will be busy working on innovative solutions which should keep growth strong in the next five years.  Top IVD companies are already involved in this area.  In our comments in the article, we addressed two of the most important HAIs that healthcare is facing.
“Some diseases are more of a priority. By and far, the most important of these are drug resistant tuberculosis (M. tuberculosis) and drug resistant S. aureus, which can also cause a deadly form of nosocomial pneumonia,” said Carlson. “These are the most serious and easily spread nosocomial infections. Therefore, the greatest amount of research and development effort is flowing toward the diagnosis and MDR differentiation of infections by these two bacteria…. Speed is essential in identifying these infections, and there are a host of tests out there, targeting specific infections and offering fast results,”