Thursday, September 13, 2012

ADME/Tox Services a Growing Market

Among the many services not commonly outsourced is early toxicology. While far from perfect, early ADME provides useful predictive information.  There are assays designed to show how cells and organ systems can deal with the absorption, distribution, metabolism and excretion of the compounds of interest. New assays are being introduced that are even more efficient predictors of compound performance.   It is in the toxicology stage of ADME/Tox – where the pitfalls lie. 

Unlike ADME (which describes how a compound will perform in an organism), toxicity deals with how that compound will damage or kill that organism. The downside of unfavorable toxicity is a lot more serious.  Unfortunately, pharmaceutical companies have found this out the hard way.  Several unfavorable events have emerged in the past few years which are largely attributed to the toxicity of a drug, including Vioxx and Baycol.

 At first glance, drug discovery can appear to be a straightforward process of screening compound candidates, optimizing leads, performing pre-clinical evaluations and then, with these steps completed, clinical trials can begin. The reality is not so neat. These activities often overlap, merge, and conflict with each other. So ADME (Absorption, Distribution, Metabolism, Excretion) and Toxicology are not simply a step in lead optimization, they are actually an integral part of an ongoing process, and increasingly the industry is seeing it that way.  

Kalorama's recent report, Early Toxicology Markets and Approaches, focuses on markets for early toxicology testing services. The objective of this report is to focus the reader’s attention on the issues and opportunities related to early toxicology testing in drug discovery. It begins with an overview of drug discovery, ADMET, and early toxicology testing. It continues with some of the ways big pharmaceutical developers dealwith early toxicology.  Several areas are covered, including:
For the purposes of reporting market size and growth forecasts, the report segments the market into the following:
In Silico Approaches
Data Mining Tools
In Vitro Assays and Platforms
Biochemical Assays
Cellular Assays
Instruments & Platforms
In Vivo Testing
Mice & Traditional Animals
Zebrafish Models
Other Animals
Human Microdosing
Early Tox Services
In Silico Services
In Vitro Services
In Vivo Services

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