Friday, September 7, 2012

DNA Sequencing Market Report Published

For the 3rd time since 2007, Kalorama has completed a full study of the DNA Sequencing market.  The market for DNA Sequencing has slowed a bit as stimulus fund monies were reduced and customers in major research centers cut purchases and used older systems as best they could, but  the introduction of new systems and continued demand will reverse this trend, according to Kalorama Information.  The healthcare market research publisher has reviewed the DNA Sequencing market since 2007 and in its latest study, says that the  introductions of the Ion Torrent PGM, PacBio RS and MiSeq grew the sequencer market 4.6% to $560 million dollars in 2011.    
     More new technologies expected from Ion Torrent as well as Oxford Nanopore may further change the market and introduce price changes, according to Kalorama’s report, DNA Sequencing andEquipment Markets, 3rd Edition.