Monday, May 20, 2013

Watch Epic in EMR Market

      Six companies lead the market for EMR, according to Kalorama Information.   McKesson, Cerner and Siemens, Epic, Allscripts and GE Healthcare led the market for electronic medical record systems, the healthcare market research publisher noted.    But last year one company in particular demonstrated 28% increase in market growth.   
      The company signaled out Epic Systems of Verona, WI as a game changer in the market. 
      “Epic was like a steamroller in this industry in 2012,” said Mary Ann Crandall, author of the report.  "Part of the strategy is that they court the hospitals and convince them to buy - then the doctors clinics affiliated with that hospital follow suit because of no interoperability with Epic systems.”
       Epic built on its market position with 7.3% of the market.  While still far lower than market leaders, Epic grew from 5.7% in 2011 according to Kalorama’s report while its mid-size rival Allscripts had flat revenues.         
       Allscripts has a better direction now and that it is working diligently on internal problems that had hurt the company in the past. They still have some organizational issues to address but overall they are moving in the right direction.  Internal struggles hampered growth in 2012. With its new management staff, the company hopes to start gaining ground again.  Allscripts Healthcare Solutions is one of the leaders in the physician based EMR solutions. 
         The market  Leaders in the market of EMR providers include large and small companies.  McKesson is a large player the healthcare market and therefore is well-positioned to expand its offerings.  Paragon, Horizon, HERM, Star and Series. Ambulatory offerings include Practice Partners, Practice Point Plus, Fusion and others.       Cerner is continuing to add to its services by adding CernerITWorks, a suite of services that improve the ability of hospital IT departments to meet their organization’s needs.   Siemens offers is the Soarian MedSuite. Soarian MedSuite is a comprehensive and scalable HIS solution that helps organizations to orchestrate complex administrative, clinical and financial processes as well as support critical business activities across the healthcare enterprise.  
      Kalorama Information's report on EMR Markets contains more information on competitive activity in the market, trends, geographic factors and more.  The report can be found at: