Thursday, March 7, 2013

EMR: The Plot Thickens

The announcement of an interoperability alliance, long overdue, included the top companies in the EMR industry.  Under the heading of 'CommonWell' they will work together to make sure there is a universal standard for EMR.   But many of us at Kalorama were scratching our heads wondering.  In a group of top players, where was Epic, which we've included in the top for several editions of our EMR market research report?. Perhaps the firm is insisting on going it alone. The take of the alliance - all are invited, and they went with announcement before getting responses from everyone.

Today comes news that according to Epic, no they weren't invited.  And if they were, they'd rather wait for a national standard from the U.S. government.  

So, the plot thickens.  We'll expect a response from Common Well and for this to go on a bit.  We would suspect there is room enough for such a group and then to still have a few 'outliers'