Thursday, October 11, 2012

Clinical Nutrition - Growing World Market

With so many developments in clinical nutrition, you may have noticed that Kalorama has moved to a yearly publication schedule on its Clinical Nutrition report.  The aging of the population means a strong market continues for products that can fortify patients and supply needed food to those patients with compromised digestive functions.

We focus on three areas:

Enteral - this is oral food, yes drinks like ENSURE(TM)  and BOOST (TM) as well as other products.  

Parenteral - food that can only be delivered through a feeding tube.

Infant - Infant nutrition products 

As is true of so many healthcare markets, American companies are focusing on emerging markets in India, China, Pakistan, Brazil and other countries where the population is growing and healthcare systems are requiring more.

Kalorama's new report can be found here:
The World Market for Clinical Nutrition Products (Infant, Parenteral and Enteral Foods), 5th Edition