Thursday, September 27, 2012

Vaccine Sales Drop For First Time in Over a Decade

At Kalorama we've sometimes been seen as promoters of the vaccine business, because we do yearly reports, and we have identified vaccines as the future growth area of pharmaceuticals in a time where 'blockbuster' single-molecule drugs are not plentiful.  We insist we call it like it is, and over the past decade it's simply the case that vaccines have been growing.  In 2011 however, given the over stockpiling of influenza vaccine in 2010, the market dropped about 30% according to our latest report.  So I suppose, we have a good objectivity test here.  When the market is down, as it now appears it was in 2011, we report that as well.   However, the interest, buzz and comparative growth prospects of vaccines have not declined.  R&D interest from top pharma presages a good future for these products.

In our report, Vaccines 2012, we demonstrate how the decline should be short lived, and what products are immune to the decline in the overall market.