Friday, August 24, 2012

NIH Superbug Points to Need for Better HAI Testing and Therapies

According to a recent report, the NIH was plagued with a deadly bacteria strain known as a superbug and despite extraordinary steps such as walling off patients and removing the plumbing, they were unable to prevent several patient deaths do the contamination.   NIH is one of the best medical centers in America, and the acknowledgement of this bacteria strain has highlighted the need for better treatments and therapies for nosocomial infections.

The solution is partially to be found in new antibacterial treatments.  But developments have been slow and pharmaceutical industries need better incentives to produce antibacterials, according to our latest report on AntiInfectives report. 

Testing is also important as hospitals struggle to determine which patients to isolate. Fast results from molecular tests have led the way.   Kalorama's recent report, Hospital Acquired Infections: Testing Markets details the developments in the market for nosocomial diagnostics.