Tuesday, August 14, 2012

BD Max MRSA Earns Moderately Complex Rating

This Genome Web article highlights yet another entry into the MRSA testing world - BD's assay has just received moderate CLIA.   Already with FDA approval, this additional rating allows the test to be performed by a qualified laboratory technician, which means that hospitals can perform the test and do not need to send it to a central lab for processing.  

This is critical for what has become the most successful of the molecular tests, those that can test for an infection to determine if a patient needs isolation or special drugs.   This information is needed fast, so slower testing methods, even if cheaper, are not as useful as molecular solutions.   Once, bold predictions were made about molecular testing markets (yes, even in some cases by Kalorama's reports earlier in the last decade) but for the most part we and other market watchers have observed over the years how it has been hospital infection testing that has met the growth expectations while cheaper methods are stubborn in other areas of medicine.  

Kalorama's Report, 'Hospital Infection Markets,' details the developments in this market and forecasts revenues for the next five years.