Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Kalorama Publishes 8th Edition of Comprehensive IVD Market Research Report

Every two years, our lead diagnostic analyst Shara Rosen produces a complete, 1000+ page, 27 chapter survey of the market for in vitro diagnostics.  The report is large but is designed to provide a great value for market research report buyers who can benefit from having one 'go-to' book for their IVD needs.  This report includes every subsection of clinical diagnostics including Histology, Hematology, Immunoassays, Molecular Testing, Microbiology, Virology, Blood Testing, Point of Care and other.  This year, the 8th edition comes at a time of change in the industry.

"Diagnostic laboratory technology has changed dramatically in the past few years, due to the publication of the human genome project and advances in functional genomics, bioinformatics, miniaturization and microelectronics," says author Shara Rosen, R.T., M.B.A.  "Not three years ago it would have been almost inconceivable to see research technologies such as genome sequencing and mass spectroscopy play a pivotal role in improving lab medicine.  Their influence is felt in personalized medicine, inherited diseases, pathogen detection, antibiotic resistance testing, blood banking and much more to come."

In the 8th edition, which came in at 1400 pages Rosen has picked up on the trend of many new entrants to the IVD industry in the molecular, microbiology and point of care fields.  She profiled nearly 500 companies.    Careful attention was paid to big trends, such as the incorporation of test instruments to IT systems and

IVD is a worldwide business, and the purpose of The Worldwide Market for In Vitro Diagnostic Tests has always been to survey the entire world market and put it in a context.  While the US is a large healthcare market, much of the dynamism occurs in other areas. Many of the most interesting developments are occurring in emerging markets. As part of its coverage, the report breaks down the entire IVD market for the following regions.

  • North America
  • Europe (EU countries)
  • Eastern Europe
  • South America
  • Asia (China and India)
  • Rest of World
The author and the Publisher of Kalorama attended the American Association for Clinical Chemistry Meeting in Los Angeles, CA this year and was able to incorporate findings from that meeting into the report.  

For more information about the report or to order, please visit Kalorama Information's website at  http://www.kaloramainformation.com/Worldwide-Vitro-Diagnostic-6859416/