Wednesday, June 27, 2012

“Speed-Healing” Products Drive Wound Care Market

An array of new strategies is enhancing the healing time of wounds and boosting revenues at device makers, according to Kalorama Information.  Driven by innovative products that heal wounds faster and increased wound occurrence, the worldwide wound care market reached revenues of $16.1 million in 2011, per our just released report on wound care products and devices. 

 Several of the products within the worldwide wound care market are mature such as anti-infectives and pressure relief devices, while others such as biological dressings and negative pressure wound therapy are in the infant stages of development.  Conventional, mature products continue to generate the majority of sales; however, their growth rate is slow whereas the new biological products are growing faster and operate with less competitive activity.  Speed-healing products such as growth factors and protease modulating wound dressings are among the type of products showing stronger revenue growth as they demonstrate good results.

Kalorama Information’s recently published report World Wound Care Markets (Skin Ulcer, Burns, Surgical/Trauma) contains more information on this title including products, competitors in the market, revenue estimates for segment markets and regional breakouts for United States, Europe, Asia and other regions.  The report can be purchased at: