Monday, April 16, 2012

Fastest-Growing Area of Anesthesia Might Be: Drugs That Keep You Awake

Yes, its counter-intuitive, but the hottest sales area of the anesthesia drug market are for adjunctive therapies that assist the anesthesia process in some form. And anesthetic reversal agents is one category of complementary drugs.

Drugs that relax a patient’s muscles, relieve anxiety or wake patients up after surgery are growing faster in terms of revenues than the anesthetics themselves, according to the healthcare market research publisher.

The market for all anesthesia drugs including adjunctive drugs reached 5.3 billion according to Kalorama Information’s report, The World Anesthesia Drug Market (General, Local, Adjunctive), with fastest growth coming from the adjunctive category.

Adjunctive therapies include muscle relaxers such as Tracrium or Tubarine, Drugs that relieve anxiety prior to anesthesia such as Atropine or Diazepam have become a growing category. Drugs that can reverse anesthesia, reduce the effect of opioids and wake a patient, such as Flumazenil or Naloxone, have also seen intense competition and sales. Sales growth of these type of drugs will more than double growth of the overall anesthesia drug market, according to Kalorama Information’s report.

Companies such as Merck, Baxter, Roche, Abbott are among the competitors in this market. Competitive leadership in both the brand and generic markets will greatly depend on technology advancements and new formulations and delivery methods. The report finds that many products are currently reliant on the increasing number of surgical and diagnostic procedures worldwide of which will likely continue due to a growing population.

More detail on this market and specific numbers for drug categories are provided in Kalorama Information’s complete market research report on the topic. Important issues and trends are discussed in detail and companies are profiled in the report.