Sunday, February 26, 2012

Industry Confirms Kalorama Assessment on Digital X-Ray

We like to think we catch the trends that are useful to our readers, and so it is with a bit of pride that we see our assessments of trends confirmed by the industry. As DOTMed News reports, Kalorama's estimate by analyst Joe Constance that for the first time digital systems outsold conventional x-ray has been confirmed by several industry sources.

The DotMed story confirms that Kalorama got the sense of the industry right, as sales managers feel customers are focused on digital. The selling points: better quality pictures and saving room in the hospital used up by archives.

“DR is definitely outselling CR,” says Greg Cefalo, U.S. imaging business unit manager for Agfa HealthCare. “The DR market is probably at least a $500 million industry, while CR is worth $350 million.”


“DR is now the technology of choice compared to five years ago,” says Rob Fabrizio, senior marketing and product development manager of Fujifilm Medical Systems U.S.A. Inc.

CR is not dead however, as the article notes - the systems are still cheaper and will still be a significant and profitable minority of this market for years to come.

Kalorama's report on this topic. Medical Imaging Markets: X-Ray, Digital X-Ray, CT Mammography and Other Radiography includes much more detail and sales by regional and product segments. Along with our other complete studies of the healthcare market it is available at