Monday, January 23, 2012

Abbott's LIMS Program Nets High Profile Customer

Abbott's LIMS system has won over a client that is likely to bring it a fair amount of attention in the marketplace. According to a Chicago Sun-Times news story, the Food and Drug Administration has decided to use Abbott's STARLIMS technology.

Starlims was acquired by Abbott in 2010 for $123 million. It is built from the ground up as an entirely web based LIMS application. The system leverages XML and other advanced Internet technologies to facilitate data management and decision-making within the lab and across the enterprise. It requires no client-side installation or maintenance.

Abbott is among several clinical diagnostic companies who have also moved into LIMS:

In March 2010, Thermo Fisher launched its software-as-a-service (SaaS),
enterprise-class LIMS. Thermo Scientific LIMS-on-Demand allows organizations to
leverage the benefits of a LIMS solution without the time and cost typical of on-premise software installation. With the on-demand offering, the software can be cost-effectively delivered as a service.

Roche acquired Swisslab in 2008. Swisslab LIS together with the Lauris module is targeted to large core laboratories and specialty laboratories in areas such as microbiology, blood banking, newborn screening, pathology, histology, transfusion management, genetics and HLA typing, as well as point-of-care integration and quality management.

We expect 1 billion dollars in this market by 2015, as reported among several findings in our LIMS market research report. Kalorama Information's report on this topic.