Monday, October 24, 2011

Will Healthcare Be Ready For New Patients...One Early Indication

As this article in American Medical Association's journal  highlights, one indication of whether the healthcare system is ready for the expected flood of new patients with insurance is the twenty-somethings on their parent's plans who are the immediate result of the legislation's passage.  They are not a perfect indicator because younger age obviously has an impact on health.  But, as this article indicates, there could be as many as 600,000 new insured patients in America and physicians must be ready for the surge.

Our report on Healthcare reform called 'Winners and Losers' highlighted the effect on primary care physicians that the legislation would have.  They unfortunately were not seen as winners from the legislation.  Because they are capitated and in many cases maxed out as to the nubmer of patients they could see, the increase in patients was a general negative for this group.  It could be a positive for RNs and PAs, in states that encourage the practicies of these professionals.