Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Thorough Analysis Satisfies Users

In the article, "Shiny Happy Market Research Buyers," MarketResearch Beat cites a survey demonstrating increased satisfcation among users of market research.   The ponts of satisfaction include honest respondents and thorough analysis based on a user survey by, which is in a position to do this, as it distributes a vast number of different publishers each with their own approaches to research and has hundreds of thousands of loyal users.

We took note of the survey results and were pleased.  Kalorama Information attempts to provide analysis along with tabular data to place the data in context.  It does mean we probably publish a few less reports total than others in any given year, but we focus on the subjects we can speak to well.   From time to time we take note of instnaces of where other research offerings are not analyzing the market enough and merely reporting and extrapolating data which could lead to user dissatisfaction.

This is especially true with looking at today's sales in any category and assuming a future trend in it.  Maybe, but maybe not.   In one case, a healthcare research firm identified the H1N1 vaccine market in 2013, failing to consider that the vaccine would be rolled into the standard flu vaccine and there would be no H1N1 market beyond 2009.  It doesn't mean that there isn't lessons in the H1N1 market of 2009, indeed Kalorama has a title on this topic, but the simple growth projection based on current sales did the reader no service.

Another area where explanation is as important as data is in a market where there is a high growth rate but little chance of entry.  We've talked about this in the hospital EMR market.  High growth which is tempting - but can your start up staff the service that hospitals will need?  And how will you integrate with existing systems always present in a hospital.  The physician EMR area is easier to penetrate, comparitively speaking.   These are the type of distinctinons market researchers must continue to make to keep users of research happy.